Streaming this song magically plants trees

Everytime you listen to a song on a streaming service it earns a tiny bit of cash for it's creator.

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We made a 31 second audio clip where all the revenue goes to planting trees

~100 streams = 1 tree

Loopable Background Noise

We've also got relaxing, loopable background sounds you can stream while you work,study relax or sleep.

~2 hours of streaming = 1 tree

So far they've been streamed more than 2,300,000 times and we've planted 23,000 trees with the Eden Reforestation Project

It's the world's first MP-Tree

We now have a few different versions:

Background sounds

Play this in the background while you work, sleep, study or sleep

IMPORTANT: Play on REPEAT and turn on 'gapless playback'and 'crossfade' in Spotify settings

▲ If you don't do this there will be annoying gaps between the tracks

White Noise

Researchers have studied the effect of white noise on humans for many years, finding evidence it can reduce crying in infants, improve work performance, and potentially help counteract symptoms ADHD

Brown Noise

Over the last 20 years, scientists have uncovered evidence that immersive sounds like white, brown and pink noise may help the brain to focus, sleep or relax

Pink Noise

Steady pink noise may help people relax for sleep by masking bothersome sounds. One early study found that playing steady pink noise at 60 decibels ⁠— more or less the volume of a refrigerator ⁠— helped participants fall asleep faster

Rain Sounds

“Rain is predictable, calming, stable, and non-threatening,” says Dr. Shelby Harris, a behavioural sleep-medicine specialist. According to Harris, steady rainfall noises help lull the brain into falling asleep, block outside noises, and frequently induce a more meditative state that brings on relaxation"


▲ Recording nature sounds. More coming soon.

Offset your streaming with this short track

This is a short (31 sec) track. Add this to as many playlists as you can.

Available in 5 Languages

Now available on Spotify→

Now available in Spanish Stream the Spanish version on Spotify recorded by Juan Sarmiento

Now available in Malay Stream the Malay version on Spotify recorded by Fajar Siddiq

Now available in German Stream the German version on Spotify recorded by Alexander Kluge

Now available in Russian Stream the Russian version on Spotify recorded by Novikova Irina

Now available in French Stream the Russian version on Spotify recorded by Jérémy Chevallier

Tree Donations


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6th Dec.


12th Nov.


8th Nov.


18th Oct.


26th Sept.


2nd Sept.


30th Aug.


24th Aug.


21st July


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